Water on The Tech Virtual Museum Workshop
A Second Life prototype of a water mill exhibit

Last year, the Science Centre had a project on The Tech Virtual Museum Workshop with the topic of Water. We issued a challenge to Second Life designers to develop prototypes in SL’s virtual world for exhibits that could be built in real life at the Science Centre. The result was a whole range of projects, from musical fountains at the artsy end of the spectrum to demonstrations of physical phenomena at the more scientific end.

Quite a few of the participants set out to build exhibits that highlighted current issues the world is facing – water pollution, bottled water, hydropower and the like. The topic really seemed to touch a nerve with a lot of people. Water is also the topic of an increasing number of documentaries, campaigns and exhibitions, like the Science Centre’s current H2O = Life exhibition.

Now the effort to communicate water issues is making use of social media, too. WeArePSUwater, a group of honors students at Penn State Brandywine, are currently in the midst of a media blast on twitter, facebook, delicious and tumblr. They have gathered a ton of information and resources, which could easily keep you occupied for the whole two weeks this drive will last…

Posted by:Andy Giger

Andy is the Science Centre Singapore's Director of Strategy. He is a Neuroscientist who started out studying how Tunisian desert ants navigate, then tamed honey bees to find out more about their visual system, and moved on to counting cockroaches, feeding termites and attracting mosquitoes. Now he deals more with people, and enjoys being in touch with science on a much broader basis.

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