The Buzz about Water

Water on The Tech Virtual Museum Workshop
A Second Life prototype of a water mill exhibit

Last year, the Science Centre had a project on The Tech Virtual Museum Workshop with the topic of Water. We issued a challenge to Second Life designers to develop prototypes in SL’s virtual world for exhibits that could be built in real life at the Science Centre. The result was a whole range of projects, from musical fountains at the artsy end of the spectrum to demonstrations of physical phenomena at the more scientific end.

Quite a few of the participants set out to build exhibits that highlighted current issues the world is facing – water pollution, bottled water, hydropower and the like. The topic really seemed to touch a nerve with a lot of people. Water is also the topic of an increasing number of documentaries, campaigns and exhibitions, like the Science Centre’s current H2O = Life exhibition.

Now the effort to communicate water issues is making use of social media, too. WeArePSUwater, a group of honors students at Penn State Brandywine, are currently in the midst of a media blast on twitter, facebook, delicious and tumblr. They have gathered a ton of information and resources, which could easily keep you occupied for the whole two weeks this drive will last…

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