Nature Discovery Trail on 2 April

Guest Post by Patrick Wang Chee Boon, Senior Science Educator, Science Centre Singapore

It was a tough struggle trying to wake that cool, wet morning: It was raining in the early hours but luckily I manage to overcome the temptation to head back to bed to snooze as I was more excited to attend the morning’s discovery trail!

I was there on time at 7.50am, but many visitors were slightly late due to the rain and slow traffic. I heard that some visitors had to come all the way from the east.

The youngest participant
Cannonball flower

I was greeted by Jia Yi and his team, and also much to my surprise, I saw an old friend who waved at me: His name is Sek Chuan, a fellow biologist, and I know immediately that the other visitors coming for the trail will be in for a very exciting morning as he is very knowledgeable and engaging, with lots of interesting stories to tell about mother nature.

We began the walk at about 8.30am, with Sek Chuan briefing about the expected route and things to expect. We are glad that the rain had already subsided too.

As we walked along side Jurong Hall Road towards Chinese Garden MRT station after Snow City, nature was right there waiting for us: Pink-neck green pigeons seen hiding amongst the vegetation, a majestic Brahminy Kite soaring high above the sky, garden snails crossing our paths as we thread carefully not to step on them.

Weaver ant’s nest
Garden snail

The whole walk took about three hours (SCS to Chinese Garden to Japanese Garden and then back to SCS), ending with a tour at our very own ecogarden. Will take more pictures next time to share.

Thanks to Science Centre for organising this! And for the rest of you, do join in the monthly trail! Look out for the one scheduled on 4 June 2011!

Patrick Wang Chee Boon is an avid nature enthusiast. He attended the ‘Nature Discovery Trail at Jurong Lake’ on 2 April 2011. The Trail is organised by the Science Centre on the first Saturday of every month. For more details on this exciting trail, click here to access information on how to register for the walk!

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