Science of the City

Juggling roller skaters are not exactly an everyday occurance, at least not in my city. But they are excellent illustrations of relative motion, and surprisingly entertaining to watch. How do I know? Well, one of the entries in the Science of the City Video Contest features lots of roller skaters, and one of them juggles while skating.

Science of the City
A still from a video on
Newton’s second law of motion

Science is all around us, and the Science of the City Video Contest invites everyone (including you… ; ) to have a look around and find examples in their city. Have you discovered something in your environment that surprised you? Can you make use uf the city environment to conduct a scientific experiment? Or do you have a question for the scientists related to the city? Make a short video about it, submit it at The Tech Virtual (before 30 June), and you may just win a prize!

Submissions have been open for some time now, and there are a few interesting entries. Some took the theme of Science of the City more literally than the skating jugglers, talking about fossils found in pavements, noise as an energy source and reflection in a shop mirror. But ultimately, almost anything can be presented in a city context, and if you enjoy making videos, this is a great opportunity to reach an international audience!
Another video already submitted, on total reflection in a city square fountain

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