Don’t be afraid of sharks

Guest Post by Rodney Fox, Planet Shark Ambassador

Planet SharkHi I’m Rodney Fox. In 1963 I was attacked by a Great White Shark and badly bitten around my chest and arm. My survival is regarded as a miracle and is still thought of as one of the world’s worst shark attacks in history.

But the attack did not result in me becoming more afraid of sharks or wanting to kill sharks, in fact the opposite is the case. Since my attack I have been involved with Great White Sharks as a conservationist, a consultant, a public speaker, and more.

For me, educating people about the plight of sharks and how important they are in our ocean environments is extremely important and it is this need to educate people about sharks that has lead to my association with the exhibition, Planet Shark: Predator or Prey.

Planet Shark is an opportunity to inspire audiences to overcome fears they may have in life. Through the process of understanding anyone who is able to begin to appreciate and respect that subject of their fear is on their way to enjoying a better life.

Planet Shark is an opportunity to look at how irrational our fears often are. Most people are afraid of sharks, yet very few of us will ever come face to face with one and because the media have made them out to be monsters, our fear of them has grown. Planet Shark is about giving the shark a fair go and if you can see the beauty in the shark, perhaps you’ll be able to see past other fears that you might have.

Rodney Fox
Planet Shark Ambassador

The Planet Shark: Predator or Prey exhibiton is now on at the Science Centre Singapore until 21 Aug 2011. Click here for more information.

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