Fun learning journey

This is my first year attending the Singapore Science Festival and I am amazed at the extent of creativity put into all the booths, workshops and performances that makes learning science easier. I wish I had the opportunity to learn science in such a fun way when I was a student!

Filling up the whole of Suntec Convention Hall 401, the Singapore Science Festival comprises of different mini exhibitions.

Xperiment!, a three-day Science carnival, showcases the latest innovations and experiments by local researchers. SAYES (Singapore Academy of Young Engineers & Scientists) (website / facebook) set up a booth to share a hands-on experiment with home-made lava lamps.

Using basic materials such as oil, water, food dyes, glitters and effervescent tablets and simple science notions, the SAYES members helped visitors create their own lava lamps to bring home. Many were curious about the science behind the demonstration and it was great to be able to share with them the simple theory that made it work (that water molecules and oil molecules do not mix, that water has higher density than oil and will sink to the bottom of the bottle, and that the effervescent tablets create air bubbles of carbon dioxide that brings the coloured water upwards). While some younger ones might not fully understand the notions, they were nonetheless still amazed by the beauty of the home-made decorative lamps. It was satisfying to see the smiles beam on their faces and the shine in the eyes as they kept a close watch on the bubbles that brought the coloured water up the oil column.


Of course, the Science Festival, is not just about Xperiment! There are also the Genefest which revolves around the food theme this year, the Kids Science Fest! which featured loads of hands-on activities, exciting science performances by special overseas performers, and many more.

Dated 23 Jul to 13 Aug 2011, the Singapore Science Festival will provide a fantastic opportunity for everyone to be engaged fully, and a great learning journey. So, if you have not heard of it before, give yourself a chance and come and experience it for yourself. 🙂

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