Insect Kingdom – A home encounter

When I first moved to my new place in May 2011, my husband and I discovered a tiny resident spider which kept re-appearing at our service yard. We thought it was amusing to have a resident spider and did not think too much about it. Before that, we also had not paid much attention to the black moth (perhaps 5cm in width) that was flying around the house persistently before we moved in.

Little did we know that this was just the beginning of the insects’ imminent “invasions” of our home.

There was soon another tiny eight-legged friend which we found in the guest room (or maybe it was the same one from the service yard). It was behind a pile of paper bags, and I probably disturbed its siesta when I moved the bags around. It then scurried up the wall and disappeared somewhere.

However, the spider sitcom seemed to just glide past and we soon forgot about it.

The next insect encounter came around at around 1am one day when I was about to go to sleep. I walked past the guest room and noticed a small yellow patch of “paint” somewhere below the mid-length of the door. Worried that there might have been scratches to the guest room door, I quickly attempted to peel off the “paint”. But the “paint” actually reacted with an unexpected flip and caused me to take a step back.  Taking a closer scrutiny, I realised it was a yellow moth (about 2cm in width) taking a rest.

I totally had no idea when it flew in as I walked past the guest room many times before that.

Yellow moth sighted on 21 Jul 2011, 1.05am
Yellow moth sighted on 21 Jul 2011, 1.05am

What came next was a little surprise to me. Beetles!

I found their appearances surprising because the only type of insects I saw in my previous place were ants, lizards and cockroaches, besides the occasional bee that flew in. And I wasn’t surprised at seeing spiders and moths.  Beetles are insects which I expect to find in gardens only, so I was curious to see a black one crawling slowly on the floor in my place (3 days after my yellow moth encounter). I decided that I will snap a picture of my rare find after I get myself a quick drink from the kitchen, and when I’m back, it surprised me further to find the tiny 1cm long beetle on its back. That looked like a dying position and as I was never curious enough about insects to dare to touch them, I decided to just leave it alone (after having fulfilled my intention to take a photograph).

Black beetle sighted on 24 Jul 2011, 9.07am

When we returned home later in the day, I went back to the same spot I last left the beetle, and found that it was gone! It almost felt as if it was faking death earlier. After that, I kept thinking about the incident and tried to make more sense of what really happened. It might be possible that my husband accidentally knocked it aside while he was moving around the room, and the beetle suddenly found itself in an awkward upside down position. If that was the case, then it might be logical to say that it had managed to turn itself over and moved elsewhere. However, after sharing about this incident recently, I was suggested a second possibility that the beetle might have been carried away by other creatures in the house (which of course, I’m inclined not to believe).

End last month, about 1am again, I saw a big ant about 1.5cm long crawling around the house. I walked through the corridor so many times again and I noticed it at different locations at different times. It was on the corridor floor and then on its wall. I also saw it once at the kitchen. Although there is nothing surprising about having an ant around, its movement around the house just made me ponder what its intention was. Perhaps it was hunting down food. And perhaps it was so hard since we usually keep our food properly covered up and out of sight, I never see it again.

The repeated insect invasions made me wonder whether my home was a magnet to these tiny beings, and having asked some people around me and also searched the internet, I was told that it was because these insects are attracted to lights and we would find more of them in the house when we switched on the lights at night, and if we keep the windows open.

Thinking about all these also reminded me of the days when I was doing an overseas community service project in Hainan Island as a student. The house that we stayed was very well ventilated and as it turned colder (as it was year-end), we found more and more insects settling down at different corners of the house (i.e. walls along the staircase, walls of the common areas, crawling on the floor etc). Hence, extreme weather conditions do play a part too. That is also the same reason why we can find more insects indoor on rainy days here in Singapore.

Anyway, the resident spider had not been sighted recently. Perhaps there is another new home which it had found its way into. 🙂

Beetle sighted on 6 Aug 2011, 12.17am
Beetle sighted on 6 Aug 2011, 12.17am

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