View from Ecolab

It started off with a meeting outside the Ecolab, pleasantly complemented by the harmonious chirping of the birds (or so I imagined) and the sight of hummingbirds hovering over the flowers.

Gone with December were the rain and the cold breeze. Hence, my mini exploration took place under the bright cheery morning sun. In fact, it was quite ideal because the plants seemed so bright and cheerful as well.

Without hesitation, I went straight to the tree house.

It was well camouflaged and I might not have noticed it, if not for the fact that it was located pretty near the Ecolab. Seeing the place reminded me of the children adventure stories I enjoyed reading in my childhood! My only regret was not making my way up the tree house as I was slightly taken aback by the sudden movement on one of the tree trunks at the bottom of the treehouse (probably caused by one of the squirrels). My abrupt entrance to the area had probably surprised it as well.
Walking down the path, I was greeted by many different types of plants and fruits. It gave me the friendly feel of walking through a Kampung (The Malay word for “village”). I couldn’t resist but take photographs to share my sightings.

Jackfruit tree (Artocarpus heterophyllus)

Traveller’s Palm (Ravenala madagascariensis)

Chinese Banyan tree (Ficus Microcarpa)

Rain tree (Albizia saman)

Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis)

Chinese Juniper (Juniperus chinensis)

Soon, I reached the mini rubber plantation which seemed an amazing find in Science Centre Singapore, and the medicinal garden where healing plants can be found. This was the end of my short exploration of the Ecogarden and I was secretly hoping to find wolfberries on the wolfberry plants, though my wish did not come true.

Mini Rubber Plantation

Medicinal garden

My spirit was however lifted when I saw the rambutan tree blooming with its little red fruits. Seeing flowering or fruit-bearing trees/plants seemed to give cheer and hope to the place. May our rambutan tree in the Ecogarden continue to bloom and bear lots of rambutans!

Nephelium lappaceum

Rambutan fruit that dropped onto the ground

If you like nature, you will probably like this cosy little corner behind the Science Centre Singapore, which I learned subsequently is 10,000 square metres big.

Note: To identify a tree which I captured on photograph, I went to the Ecogarden a second time. More will be shared in “Exploration of the Science Centre Singapore Ecogarden (Part 2)”.

Posted by:Goh Kiat Teng

Kiat Teng is a staff of the Science Centre Singapore, Business Development Department. She believes in living life to the fullest, and always look forward to learning new things and gaining new experiences.

7 replies on “Exploration of the Science Centre Singapore Ecogarden (Part 1)

  1. Nice writeup and photos! I always thought the Ecogarden was one of the hidden gems of the Science Centre.

    There’s also a lot of wildlife around. I hear that birds tend to visit around 10 am (including a wild toucan), and there’s plenty of insects around the vegetable area.


  2. Thanks Eileen. It’s a gem indeed!

    I saw birds flying from tree to tree and butterflies fluttering from plants to plants.

    There’s a lot to observe and one visit is certainly not enough.


    1. By the way, sorry for the lateness that this comment was being viewed. There are just too much spam we had to get rid of.

      Meanwhile, hope you can continue to keep track of the blog entries here and leave comments! It is always encouraging to read comments.


    1. Hi Song Choon, thanks for the comments and the “tip-off”, and sorry for the late response (as explained above as well).

      Anyway, I am ashamed to say this is the first time I hear of our “insectarium”, so I will definitely take a look soon!


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