My Friends and I

Guest Post by Nora Arfia Farahina Yusri, Yuhua Primary School. This is one of three selected blog posts written for the Berita Harian newspaper as part of a student press event at the Dinosaurs Life! Exhibition.

Hello! I’m Stegosaurus, a clever and bright dinosaur. I’m also helpful and love to help other animals in the world.

In fact, I come from the United States of America, where many of my friends come from.

Unfortunately, my parents are no longer around and I live together with all my good friends.

Some of my friends are carnivores, which mean they eat other dinosaurs, but I’m not like that. I’m a herbivore and I eat leaves which grow around my home.

In fact, I need a lot of leaves as I’m nine meters long and I weigh around two to three tonnes. I also have such a long tail that my friends are afraid of me too… sometimes.

My body shape is similar to that of a kite and my skin is covered with scales. My scales are hard and they protect me when I clash with some of the other animals.

For instance, I fought with a friend called Dilophosaurus who is naughty and likes to disturb me. Now, she is no longer a good friend. In fact, she is not around anymore.

I would like to introduce you to my two good friends who always play and walk around the jungle with me. The first is Ankylosaurus who loves to eat leaves like me! Her body is also full of scales… like me too! My other friend is called Protoceratops who is bright and loves to eat the meat of other animals. Although she’s a meat eater, she loves her young and will protect them to her death.

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