The Ancient Era

Guest Post by Nabilah Shukran, Punggol Primary School. This is one of three selected blog posts written for the Berita Harian newspaper as part of a student press event at the Dinosaurs-Live! Exhibition.

“Eh! What is this place?,” I asked myself. All of a sudden, a dinosaur walked towards me. “Huh? Am I in an ancient world?” I asked myself again.

“GRRRRRRRR!” Roared the dinosaur. “Aaaaahhhh!” I screamed as loudly as I can.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a cave opening nearby. I ran towards the cave.

It was so dark in the cave that I could not make out anything at all. I was afraid.

I walked slowly, following a path to no where. I saw a light in the distance and walked hurriedly towards it.

“Wow!” The sight that greeted me was breathtaking. I saw many different kinds of dinosaurs. The cave had brought me to a different place.

A Maiasaura frozen in motion at Science Centre’s Dinosaurs-Live! Exhibition

“That’s a Maiasaura!” I shouted excitedly as I recalled what my teacher had related to my class about the dinosaur a week before.

She had told us that Maiasaura was a dinosaur that ate plants and lived in Canada. She was also a kind-hearted mother as her fossil was found alongside her eggs.

The Maiasaura had a beak but had no teeth and her feet looked like a horse’s hooves.

“How wonderful it is to see a Maiasaura alive!” I thought to myself.

“EEEK!” said the Maiasaura, which made me laugh.

But the Maiasaura made its way towards me menacingly. “Ahhh…. Do you want to eat me?” I screamed in terror.

“Why would I want to eat you?” said the gentle voice of my mum. “I just want you to wake up and I don’t understand what you’re saying,” said my mum who was trying to wake me up.

I just smiled, relieved that it was just a dream.

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