The world of dinosaurs

Guest Post by Nabil Rafael Roslan, Eunos Primary School. This is one of three selected blog posts written for the Berita Harian newspaper as part of a student press event at the Dinosaurs-Live! Exhibition.

Late one night, I heard a soft knocking on my window. I turned towards the sound and was immediately startled. I saw a dinosaur who could speak. He told me that his name was Flynn and wanted me to fly away with him. He told me to ride on his back which was huge.

I was so happy as I have always wanted to fly.

We flew to a jungle which looked eerie. I asked Flynn why he wanted to bring us to such a place but he told me that he simply wanted me to visit the world of dinosaurs.

I’ve never been to that world, so I was amazed when we entered the world. I saw different species of dinosaurs doing many different things. Some were eating fresh grass.

The towering diplodocus at Science Centre’s Dinosaurs-Live! Exhibition

Flynn introduced me to his friends. In fact, a Diplodocus called Liz invited me to play with her and her friends.

Time passed quickly and soon the sky grew dark. Flynn called to me to bring me home. He was sure that my parents would be worried about me by then and might have started looking for me.

I felt sad to leave. I said thank you to Flynn’s friends and flew home with him.

Upon reaching my home, I said thank you to Flynn and bade him good bye Exhausted, I fell asleep immediately. I will never forget the wonderful memories of the world of dinosaurs.

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