Reflection over the Earth Day

A couple of weeks back, I blogged about my thoughts on the environmental issue. A couple of days ago, I heard the topic being spoken of during the ASPAC 2012 Conference ( held here in Science Centre Singapore. During his keynote address on the third day of the conference, Professor Kerry Sieh, Director of the Earth Observatory of Singapore spoke about trends of natural disasters such as tsunamis and earthquakes and their impact on our planet. At the end of his address, he posed a question to the conference delegates on whether we would continue to act as if our Earth is static and infinite in size and resources. It was food for thought for everyone.


While some felt that the future of our planet is bleak, and some felt that the topic was depressing, I was inspired. I personally like the thought of the issue being discussed at the conference because of the reach it had. The resources on our planet are definitely not finite, whether it is energy sources or our food supply. Mankind will need to adjust ourselves when these resources run out. Perhaps on the scientific front, there might be more discovery of resources in future, or perhaps there might be technological advancements that would make a difference. In the meantime, action could also be taken by people like you and me. It would definitely be ideal if more people can take the issue to heart.

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