Behold… New Generation Science!

One of our young visitors fascinated by the terrestrial exhibit

This year’s ASPAC Conference only just concluded at Science Centre Singapore on Saturday last week (for the uninitiated, I’ll allude to what the conference was about at the end of this write-up, so don’t worry). 

One of the sub-themes of the conference was ‘New Generation Science’. And while this was discussed largely around the new generation of visitors, science centres and technologies, I felt just this morning, that maybe, I could add to that view of new generation science

You see, only in late March this year, we set up in Science Centre Singapore, a snails mini-exhibition featuring a variety of live specimens in three different habitats-land, freshwater and marine. I’ve been checking in on the tanks nearly every other day over the last 5 weeks. And to my sheer delight this morning, I spotted pink eggs in our terrestrial tank and white eggs in our freshwater tank! 

They’re positive signs that our snails have acclimated well to the habitats created for them. And I couldn’t help but sense a connection (even if it’s crude) to new generation science. While it’s entirely different to what was discussed, it’s still science and at to me, the ushering in of a new generation. Sure, the circle of life is nothing new, but you just never know if evolutionary change has begun to kick in. 

It’s all pretty exciting for us at Science Centre as we’ll be monitoring the eggs to see if life emerges from them. And if you’re going to egg me for bringing this up, go right ahead-just make sure it’s a snail’s egg! 🙂 

Pink eggs found in our land snails exhibit
Whitish Eggs found in our freshwater exhibit
ASPAC is the Annual Conference of Asia Pacific Network of Science & Technology Centres (ASPAC), an event hosted by various science centres around the Asia Pacific region. This year, Science Centre Singapore hosted the 12th of such conferences from 16 to 21 April 2012. The event drew science visionaries, leaders and innovators from science centres and museums in the region who gathered to share ideas, exchange knowledge, showcase new innovations and network with one another.

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