The latest obsession by our blogging team (or part of it) seemed to be the snail community in the Science Centre Singapore (latest addition to our exhibitions). Earlier this week, snails eggs have been discovered by Danny in both the terrestrial and aquatic tank (Read his blog entry here and check out the pictures taken of those tiny pink eggs). I was excited to hear that discovery as well and had been monitoring the snail tanks as well.

Looking into the terrestrial tank this morning, I couldn’t see the snail eggs at the spot we previously saw them at, but there seemed to be some tiny baby snails crawling along the soil and moss. Yet apparently, snail eggs hatch between 2-4 weeks’ time if they are kept warm and moist. I couldn’t be sure whether these baby snails had hatched from the eggs we saw earlier. If yes, the eggs should have been discovered earlier. So what really happened in that tank?

Baby snail with a shell which is about 3mm in size
Baby Snail crawling into the dark crevice in the soil and moss

Nonetheless, it is exciting to watch the baby snails crawl around the tanks. Looking forward to see more of them.

Posted by:Goh Kiat Teng

Kiat Teng is a staff of the Science Centre Singapore, Business Development Department. She believes in living life to the fullest, and always look forward to learning new things and gaining new experiences.

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