Earth Hour. Earth Day. What’s next?


Earth Hour was over in March and Earth Day was over in April. May has arrived but thoughts on the environmental issue wandered to my mind again.

An article inside the Singapore Scientist magazine reminded me that while individual efforts matter, we could not deny the impact caused by industrialisation on our environment, and we would really need breakthrough technology which could overcome those impact on a greater scale.

This in turn reminded me of another recent article I had read on the work of Dr Teh Yong Liang from Temasek Polytechnic, winner of the notable World Future Foundation PhD Prize 2010, an award to recognise his outstanding research work in the development of energy-efficient compressors.

In that article, it was shared that Dr Teh’s motivation came from his belief that we need not use more than what is needed, and that it led him to work on the development of a new compressor for refrigeration and air-conditioning purposes, and won the earlier mentioned award. Technological advances like this not only save cost for consumers, but also save energy. It allows people to continue modern living but with lesser damage to our planet Earth.

Coincidentally, Dr Teh will be sharing more on how we can achieve sustainable energy on this coming Saturday (19 May) at a Shell Singapore Youth Science Festival (SSYSF) Public Forum at Science Centre Singapore. It will be interesting to hear what he has to share.

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