I spy with my little eye…

I spy with my little eye…

something beginning with the letter ‘C’…

s0mething green…

something that looks like it has folds in its skin, much like a bunched up sock…

something that has its wriggly moments – opting at times to inch along animatedly and at other times, lying perfectly still.  

Can you guess what it is?

Why yes, it’s a caterpillar!

Spotting it on my table this morning, I wonder where it came from and what it eats?

Well, I’ll soon find a home for my knobby friend-in our Ecogarden!

Good luck lil’ caterpillar!

Whenever people mention ‘Monday blues’, I’ll think ‘green thoughts’ and remember you!

According to ‘A Guide to Common Butterflies of Singapore’, the caterpillar’s current state, is the second stage of a butterfly’s development, which includes four distinct stages-egg (ovum), caterpillar (larva), chrysalis (pupa) and adult (imago). The caterpillar structure comprises a head which bears the mouth parts and visual organs and a roughly cylindrical body which carries two sets of legs. Although the caterpillar looks soft, its skin does not stretch in proportion to its growth. It moults to produce a new and larger-sized skin.

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