It’s not often Science Centre’s Annexe gets flooded with popsicle sticks!

Today’s visual of that was certainly a first for me and boy, was it a spectacle to behold!

Over 13,000 popsicle sticks were interlocked into a high-tension mesh thanks to a mammoth concerted effort by 250 Jurong Cluster folk (including 60 adorable kindie kids), led by a 50-strong student team from Catholic Junior College.

Guest-of-honour, Ms Grace Fu set off the stick ‘bomb’ which fizzled out not long after it started. But enthusiastic participants jumped in to release sticks and reignite the ‘explosive’ unravelling domino effect every time it stopped.

Here’s a glimpse of the action!

Even Ms Grace Fu joined in the fun and I tell you what, she’s as game as they come. The ending reached a climax when the unravelling sticks reached the end of their chain, setting off a dramatic burst of confetti!

Science Centre’s Chief Executive, Professor Lim Tit Meng, had this to say:

“This morning’s Popsticks Mass Activity is a good example of creating new possibilities through public participation in the spirit of National Day. It demonstrates that science is fun, has something wonderful to teach us, and that it can be enjoyed as a community.”

So we didn’t rewrite the records but more importantly, it was a unifying experience for the community that chipped in to witness physics in action, in commemoration of our National Day tomorrow!

Special thanks to A*STAR, Catholic Junior College, People’s Association and our Science Centre colleagues who made this event possible.

Posted by:Thomas Danny Jeyaseelan

I've been working for over 7 years at Science Centre Singapore... a place I've come to call "home" where science befriends and transforms me day by day! I love communications and this blog has given me a terrific opportunity to express myself in writing. I continually aspire to engage the community through my contributions. And would love to hear back from readers like you if you have something interesting to share (please leave a comment!). That would really encourage me! Am also looking forward to hitting the centennial mark with 100 posts. Am nearly 70% there. ;) I hope you have a great online experience on Stir-fried Science, enjoy all science has to offer, and be inspired to make or be the difference you wish to see in the communities you find yourself in.

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