A day with nature at the Jurong Lake Park

It was an long day ahead for me on the 29 Sep 2012, but I woke up with much enthusiasm looking forward to all the activities of the day.

In the morning, Science Centre Singapore had our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity which was held at the Jurong Lake Park. We went on a nature trail followed by litter picking at the park. The former was the reason why I was enthusiastic, as I had always wanted to go on this nature trail. The trail, known officially as “Nature Discovery @ Jurong Lake”  is actually conducted on a monthly basis. You can read about it here.

Instead of the usual 3-hour walk, our trail was a shortened 1-hour version. The trail we went on was along a nice park pavement, but despite being an urban park, we also had interesting finds. Unless you are a nature buff who knows almost everything in nature, there should still be some takeaway at the end of the trail.

Check out my finds below!

Mango Tree with Bird Nest Ferns
Flower of the Red Ginger Plant
Betel Nut Palm
The thin long leaves of the Casuarina trees which aids to minimise water loss
Snail eggs on a rock (Could be found in our own Ecogarden but still drew lots of attention during the trail)
Weaver ants

Being someone who stays near the Jurong Lake Park, I walk past one end of the park nearly every evening, and almost always pause for a while to admire the serenity of the lake. I am glad that with the nature trail walk,  I am brought to the other end of the park and be able to examine the nature in the park more closely.

Jurong Lake Park (from the side nearer to the Ayer Rajah Expressway)

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