Hear hear!

Sound is one of the important senses of human beings. Try covering your ears while watching a movie, or while someone is talking to you. Without it, while we can still function partially, the world will become seemingly still because of the silence.

You probably know that besides being heard, sound can also be felt through vibrations. In fact, with the assistance of props, one can “see” sound as well! Talking to one of our Science Educators Nura, I found out more about how they use props to demonstrate the science of sound to general public.

Science Centre Singapore runs “Sound Shows” to demonstrate how different sounds are created and transmitted. During one of the Sound Shows, I observed the use of items such as wind tubes (which looks like washing machine pipes) and guitars. When asked why they choose these items to demonstrate the science of sound, Nura shared the importance of real life application. By using things that people identify, it makes it easier to understand certain concept. For example, the use of guitars help to understand the concept of resonance.

Nura also shared the importance to simplify explanations. For example, wind tubes are useful because it allows visitors to observe and hear the sound difference themselves when the tubes spin faster.

Some items have the “Wow” factor, just like the Ruben’s tube which demonstrates how the vibrations of sound can be manifested in the form of “dancing fire”.

Science Educators Nura and Jannah demonstrating the vibration of sound waves through the Ruben Tube

Curious what other interesting gadgets are used in our “Sound Show”? Come by Science Centre Singapore to check them out! The details can be found here.

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