Animation fun

It was in the earlier part of this year that the readers of the Singapore Scientist magazine were actively engaged in a “Dinosaur skeleton assembly” activity, whereby readers can remove paper skeleton parts of a dinosaur from an activity page of the magazine, assemble them according to their own creativity, and email a photograph of their creative piece to Danny, the Singapore Scientist co-ordinator.

There were a lot of submissions (and very creative ones too!) which inspired me and Danny to embark on a mini project to give “life” to the dinosaur, through animating it with an animation software available in our digital design studio. It was a fun project (and the only animation project we have managed to do so far) and till today, I still find the 14-sec video amusing in its own simple way.

While it was only an extremely short clip, it took us quite a while to play with the software, think of the flow of the clip, choose the props (background etc) for the video, and position the dinosaur. When I watch the recent winning entries of the Scinemation 2012, I was reminded of the efforts we put in for the mini clip earlier in the year.

Kudos to all the participating teams for their efforts and the winning teams for the great work! My personal favourite is this one below.

You can view the rest of the Scinemation videos at the Science Centre Singapore YouTube channel here.

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