On the occasion of the impending closure of our iSpace exhibition, here’s a picture of the left hemisphere of the brain of Charles Babbage:

The Brain of Charles Babbage
Plate from a “Description of the Brain of Mr. Charles Babbage, F.R.S” published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London (1909), via The public Domain Review

How is this relevant? Well, Charles Babbage is credited with designing the first
computer – a mechanical contraption that he never quite finished himself, but which eventually led to the development of today’s modern computers. And probably because of that, he has been haunting the iSpace gallery, popping up as an electronic apparition whenever someone walked past one of his screens. He was the host and guide of the exhibition, accompanying our visitors on their journey through iSpace. That was probably entertaining for a first-time visitor, but I am sure that those of us who got accosted by him on a regular basis won’t miss him too much…

Farewell, Babbage!

Posted by:Andy Giger

Andy is the Science Centre Singapore's Director of Strategy. He is a Neuroscientist who started out studying how Tunisian desert ants navigate, then tamed honey bees to find out more about their visual system, and moved on to counting cockroaches, feeding termites and attracting mosquitoes. Now he deals more with people, and enjoys being in touch with science on a much broader basis.

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