The arts and science of Christmas

By Yen

Ho Ho Ho.

Christmas is a season for sharing and we thought why not try our hands on making a stop-motion seasons greeting for all our Facebook fans and blog followers?

To begin with, the big issue we have is time. Making time to discuss our story board, aims, main characters etc etc. In the end, the greater issue we have is creativity. Yes, this comes from an ex-Arts-student when can’t even draw an apple. Luckily I have an ex-Arts-student colleague who can draw. *phew*

So there. Through the 2.5 days, I learnt how hard science and technology is to control, let alone master. Kudos to all Scinamation participants of the past two years who learnt and did their clip within 4hours.

On top of it all, the arts part ain’t easy too. The music, the drawings, the piecing of everything into a meaningful clip. Hence I began to realise how an exhibition that is a true blend of arts and science is no easy feat indeed! The curation of exhibits, the making sense and beauty out of it is never easy to manage within an exhibition. Let alone the relation of all materials to visitors and the potential learning experience which are all external elements hardly within our control!

I’ve learnt a lot and gathered some thoughts from making the clip. I hope everyone who saw it will enjoy it. To our fans and followers, have a wonderful Christmas ahead. Afterall, we did survive the so-called Mayan end-of-world so all will be joyful in the days and new year ahead. Our clip might be a little childish, but it is from us newbies. We aim to perfect it the next time. You should try out something new for 2013 too!

Because life since the big bang is a beautiful one…

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  1. Danny says:

    Very nicely done!

  2. Kiat Teng says:

    Thanks to Yen for being a great partner in this fun project! 🙂

  3. Jannah says:

    Awesome work, Yen & Kiat Teng!

    Chinese New Year greeting next…? Or shall we plan for the Xmas 2013 greetings? Hehe! 12 months planning!

  4. Kiat Teng says:

    Hee….sounds exciting, Jannah! Looking forward to more animation projects. 🙂

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