The return of the greens!

Nature is truly amazing.

About eleven days ago when I first checked out the atlas caterpillars (or the remaining of those which had not morphed into cocoons), the Camphor tree which was the host tree was nearly bare. You can check the picture in Danny’s blog earlier.

After our weekly department meeting today, we checked out the tree again as we saw glimpses of green from afar.

The Camphor tree which became the host tree to some atlas caterpillars

The cocoons are still there but the greens have returned!

While we were admiring the new greens of the tree and inspecting the cocoons (again), we saw this spider on the leaf of the Bird Nest Fern next to it, which is nearly the size of the cocoon on the leaf next to it.

Neighbours living in the Bird Nest Fern

Quite a bit of discovery for me today, since we also saw a monitor lizard near the tree, and it was a first time for me at this Ecogarden!

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  1. Danny says:

    That spider’s a huntsman alright! i recognise that felon anywhere!

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