The animation saga continues…

Sometimes, things moved in an interesting way in life.

When we did the Christmas animation last year, we did not think we will do it again.

But somehow the momentum has caught up, and tadah, here we go again – another stop-motion animation greeting for the followers of our blog and various Facebook pages “Science Centre Singapore” and “Science It“.

Two weeks ago, Jannah, Yen and I met up at the digital and design studio to embark on our Chinese New Year (CNY) animation project.

We were glad that Jannah is able to join us as part of the production team this round! With her around, our production speed became amazing and we managed to complete everything within half a day, even though we discovered issues that we have to resolve later on.

Anyway, we thought that was a vast improvement from the 2.5 days project the previous round.

Check out the stuffs that we have gathered for this project in the picture below.

There were too many ideas that we brainstormed earlier and the toughest was deciding which idea to go with and getting started.

We even wanted to explore peeling the oranges such that it twirl into a snake, but somehow, we did not even try that.

Along the way, we even tried making origami flowers!

While they look really nice, they failed our audition to be casted in this animation.

Maybe next time. 😛

Tough was also the process of turning the gears. We did it several times. But it taught us patience and perseverance.

Here is the end product.

Overall, the three of us were quite pleased with what we did. Ehem, seems like we are soon becoming “pro” at this. *chuckles*

Hope you can check out our animation and give us feedback. It will help us when we embark on our next project.

Thank you!

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  1. Danny says:

    Good job : ) This inspires me to have a bash at this! It’s been awhile!

  2. Kiat Teng says:

    Join us, Danny!

    The ad-hoc “digital media team” will convene again for the next video!

  3. Yen says:

    Yeah. The more ‘volunteers’ the better!

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