China – The Panda Adventure

On Vesak Day, I entered the Omni Theatre with the single knowledge that I would be watching a show about pandas. I briefly read the sypnosis once ages ago (Note: the show had been screened since 15 Dec 2012 which is nearly half a year ago!).

In my mind, I had visualised a documentary that followed the trails of the pandas, with observations of their behaviours. Little did I know that a real screen adventure (See the title of the show) awaited me.


While the show had a “movie-like” start, unlike the usual documentaries, I was treated with bouts of anxiety-nervousness-excitement all in one each time the female lead (acting as Ruth Harkness) had a confrontation with the hunter, and when the team led by the female lead faced dangers. While it was not first class acting, I found myself being brought into the story, feeling their danger and the sense of urgency of her work to prevent the pandas from being poached cruelly.

The movie shed light on the different treatment that pandas received from people in the past (pre-1936) and today, how they were misunderstood by people, and cruelly hunted. Ruth Harkness, following the footsteps of her late husband, that eventually educated the world about pandas to protect this good-natured animal against extinction, though they still faced other challenges pertinent to their survival these days.

If you are curious to know more about this amazing lady, you would probably be looking up more information on her just like I did, and be amazed at the various different tales that surround the circumstances of Ruth Harkness’ expedition and the various different accounts. Whichever the case, she was probably still the first person who brought a live giant panda back to the United States (even though one might wonder if that was the best thing to do).

If you have been caught up with the panda craze these days, why not catch this Omni Theatre show while it is still screening (ending by 30 June 2013) and see what you take away from the film?

The IMAX show “China – The Panda Adventure” is currently showing at the Omni-Theatre Singapore until 30 Jun 2013. For more information, please click here.

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