The Science & Engineering in the World’s Fastest Car!

Today I had the chance to listen to an inspiring one-hour presentation by Wing Commander Andy Green, the holder of the current World Land Speed Record on “The Science & Engineering in the World’s Fastest Car!”.

During the one-hour presentation, Andy Green introduced various projects that his team had worked on (i.e. ThrustSSC which set the first supersonic record of 1228 kilometres per hour on 15 Oct 1997) and the new project Bloodhound which is slated to set a new record in the year 2014. Andy Green shared some aspects of the considerations and tests behind the projects, with a generous dosage of pictures and video clips of various tests that were run. He covered issues such as how to keep the vehicle on ground, why the wheels are thin, safety measures in place etc.

What surprised me is that beyond the greatness of the record-breaking in the Bloodhound project, there is an educational aspect in it, which is most relevant to both the Science Centre Singapore, and to the students who were attending the presentation today. Andy Green highlighted that there is a shortage of scientists and engineers that are pursuing research work, and his team felt that they could make use of the Bloodhound project to get more people excited and interested in the field of science and engineering. He shared that working on such exciting projects give a magical touch to science and engineering, and has the ability to touch the whole world. Through these efforts, they hope to attract more people into the field to make greater discoveries.

Andy Green showed photos of the Bloodhound Education Programmes and how some of the students were trying to break certain records of their own. The students attending the presentation were also challenged to break their own records!

There will be a public session of this talk that will be held on 8 June 2013, 2 – 3pm at Science Centre Singapore, and the deadline is today. To sign up, click here. For more information on Andy Green and the Bloodhound Project, check out his diary here.

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