The charisma of numbers

Yen is a PR professional at Science Centre Singapore.

Was it by chance that I attended the Science and Engineering in the world’s fastest car talk last Saturday, and then go home to watch Superman Returns on television? I didn’t realise I kept seeing Wing Commander Andy Green in that Superman outfit that evening! Me and my illusions!

Andy Green at Science Centre Singapore
Andy Green at Science Centre Singapore

It has been uttered at times how people think of Science as boring and stale. But I am sure anyone who attended the talk last Saturday would not be thinking of this at all. Andy makes Science and Newton’s three Laws of Motion sound so easy and applicable that these concepts sunk into your mind without your knowledge. And this came from a Mathematics graduate of Oxford (first class honours at that!).  Wow…

Through the talk, I realised what team spirit truly means. This holder of current world land speed record (763.035 mph or 1227.99 km per hour) is far from a mere driver – may it be F4 Phantom, Tornado F3 or supersonic car. He does his share of engineering and design with his team, goes around the globe to speak on the science and engineering of Bloodhound, and is the world promoter of science as he urges kids to take on science and engineering because these are essential disciplines that make progress in mankind possible. He also answered media questions on himself with references to his Bloodhound team.

Andy’s talk was inspiring and interesting. He answered all questions from the floor effortlessly too, quoting many precise numbers. That was when I realised the importance of maths in good public speaking and in solving problems and issues in split seconds too! Probably that’s what qualifies one to drive lean mean driving machines!

With so many achievements in life, Andy remains a humble man. He constantly referred to his team even when media ask him questions on his personal achievements. This is one man I wish who will come by again for another talk soon. *Melts*

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  1. Tom says:

    Andy Green’s talk sounds pretty impressive. I think it is admirable for him to focus on his team rather than himself, which is what few people in the spotlight seem able to do. And to merge good public speaking skills with high levels of scientific knowledge…and to get that knowledge acrosss, is also creditable.

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