Guess who said Hailoo!

Not one but two surprises later, we’re left bewildered.

First, the rain. Then, hail! (Say what?!)

Yes, hail! I kid you not.

It bucketed down at about two in the afternoon-much to our delight after we experienced an intense week of haze from the bush fires in Indonesia.

But what transpired was a real surprise! Lashing rain, howling winds and then… pitter patter on the windows… We saw shimmering glass beads on the window sills, and we realised we were experiencing hail!

Here’s a video my boss-Dr Andy Giger shot of the ice crystals that fell our way : )

The hail wasn’t quite the size of five cent coins that were reported in  the last incidents in March 2008 and July 2007, but they still caused quite a stir. I hope my dad’s car which is parked out in the open carpark’s okay! The minute I get off this blogpost, I’m heading down to have a look! In the meantime, do have a read of how NEA reckons hail forms!

Here’s a link to a slideshow of the hailstorms in Western Singapore.
And here’s some pics I captured with my camera. : )










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    Nice article. Very timely too! Well done!

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