Titans of the Ice Age

Saber-toothed Cats
Saber-toothed Cats

Clash of the Titans? Well, those were the exact words I heard in the Omni Theatre IMAX movie “Titans of the Ice Age”, but the Titans here refer to the mammoths of the last ice age, and the clash refers to the fight for leadership between the male mammoths.

Indeed, territorial fight exist way back during the ice age as well. In fact, when we talk about the ice age, how many of us realise that there were more than one ice age? As recorded in the show, there have been at least five major ice ages in the 4.54 billion-year history of planet Earth.

What do you feel when you hear this? I felt small, very small, thinking of the long history of Earth and how much it has been through.

The show which was produced based on computer-generated imagery paints the picture of the ice age era, showing us both the possible sceneries and the life forms, such as the saber-toothed cats, dire wolves, and woolly mammoths. The climate was 16 degree fahrenheit lower than the present climate.

How perfect that will be, many of us who lives in the tropical part of the Earth will think! But think of the challenges the living things of those days have to face.

“Titans of the Ice Age” gave insight into the work of scientists and their teams who work relentlessly in uncovering the fossils, from tar pits or old hot springs, and how these finds can reveal the stories of the past, such as how the tusk rings can tell stories of the living conditions of the period, as thick tusk ring symbolises good food and living conditions while thin ones represent the opposite.

The film showcased a recently uncovered baby woolly mammoth calf which was recently exposed by the melting Siberian permafrost, and it is now one of the best preserved mammoth mummies in the world. It lived only for a month during the ice age, but its fossils survived in perfect condition to tell its story.

At the end of the show, you might leave the theatre with several wonders, about the wisdom of mankind which helped us survive beyond the ice age, but possibly also at how much longer mankind can survive  with our current activities on Earth. One really wonders.

The IMAX show “Titans of the Ice Age” is currently showing at the Omni-Theatre Singapore until 4 Aug 2013. For more information, please click here.

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