1 little 2 little 3 little colours…

I remember this rhyme we used to sing back in nursery called Ten Little Indians… One little two little three little Indians… That was many moons ago, and while I don’t remember too much else of what happened then, what I do remember, is that it was stacks of fun hanging out with the other munchkins my age!

As you’d have learnt from my colleague-Kiat Teng’s recent post, we had a Young Learners Festival at Science Centre Singapore, and it almost seemed like ‘a blast from the past’ with bus loads of kindies streaming in, especially during the mornings to jump into some of the fun and engaging treats on offer. Our science educators carved out a couple of hands-on activities like Delightful Light – which involves making a rainbow viewer, and Bobbly Bubbles – where kids get to pour liquids of different densities into a tube.

But that’s not all! Kids could also ‘wander’ into the Colourful Garden and be wowed by the colourful attributes of our plants and animals in the Ecogarden; or learn about light and colours, rainbows and colour changing chemicals in the Colour my World science show!
Here are some pictures of the festival action!

ylf2 ylf1The take-aways were manifold! Show presenters – Gurpreet and Ya Qin (seen above), who virtually had the kids eating out of their hands, thrilled the audiences with their chemistry on stage and dished out simple facts about lights and colours like the fact that we need light to see and how we are able to see colours as they fall on objects and get reflected to our eyes, enabling us to see colours!ylf3 ylf6

I couldn’t help but smile as the kids delightfully lapped up what they experienced on the day! That eagerness to participate, willingness to learn and appreciation of those that imbibed them with knowledge, is definitely something none of us should ever outgrow. If we forgotten what it’s like, maybe it’s time to take that trip down to the Science Centre… to take in not only the fascinating exhibits or programmes on offer, but be inspired by the excitement that people daily bring to this place… colouring our world – at Science Centre Singapore!

This year’s Young Learners Festival was themed Colour My World, and was held from 24 September to 6 October 2013, attracting truck loads of excited kindies, primary school students and members of the public. I’m sure many of these learners can’t wait to be back at our Centre when next year’s festival opens!

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