Guess who’s in town?

backgroundDinosaurs and Ice Age Mammals have together made landfall in Science Centre Singapore for the first time in what is undoubtedly the strangest of unions! Flown in from two continents and representative of disparate periods in history, the prehistoric beasts now rule the roost in the Titans of the Past exhibition.

Spanning 3,000 square metres, the Titans of the Past features two international travelling exhibitions, The Growth and Behaviour of Dinosaurs – from the Museum of the Rockies (MOR) in Montana (United States), and Ice Age, The Exhibition from Aurea Exhibitions in Argentina. You can view the largest Tyrannosaurus rex skull ever found, and quality animatronic replicas of various dinosaur species including the Triceratops, Pachycephalosaurus, Hypacrosaurus and the colossal T.rex itself!

titans4 MOR’s curator of palaeontology and technical advisor for Jurassic movies, Dr Jack Horner was also in town, hailing Titans of the Past as an exhibition that tells the story of a dinosaur’s life using real fossils and specimens. Among the giants is Argentinosaurus, the largest Sauropod ever found, measuring a whopping 36-metres in length and 7 metres in height and the cast of Giganotosaurus – measuring 12 metres long and 4 metres high – and one of the largest terrestrial carnivores in the late Cretaceous period!

Also housed in Ice Age, The Exhibition, are 10 animatronic animals from the Ice Age. You can see them presented in scenes depicting their habitats and learn about the various components that made up the earth’s surface and atmosphere and how the animals lived during that period. Complementing the exhibition is a suite of ed ucational programmes including animated demonstration shows, talks and lectures by palaeontologists and hands-on workshops on dinosaur forensics.

titans7Commenting on the four-month long exhibition ending 23 February 2014, Science Centre’s Chief Executive, A/Prof Lim Tit Meng said that even as the fascination surrounding the existence of dinosaurs continues to grow and many questions remain unanswered, the Titans of the Past will stoke your curiosity and excitement. Be sure to catch Science Centre’s marquee exhibition of the year – Titans of the Past before the creatures leave town!

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  1. Kiat Teng says:

    Nice blog post, Danny!

    There are certainly lots of exciting elements about this exhibition, and the best thing would be to experience it personally. Hopefully more people can get to experience it and soak in its awesomeness!

    1. Danny says:

      I totally agree there Kiat Teng! Nothing like seeing these magnificent creatures in person!

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