Stop-motion animation – The fourth in this series!

It’s amazing how one little idea could spark off a series of projects, and how the project could grow beyond what it was originally meant to be.

New Picture (4)About a year ago, some of us started having this craze about stop-motion animation. It was Scinemation season (a stop-motion animation competition organised by Science Centre Singapore) and we were inspired.

We decided to try our hands with a Christmas and New Year greeting animation which to this day, would not fail to humour us with its less than perfect drawings, and the “amateurish professionalism” it exhibited. It was amateurish because it was the first or second attempt with stop-motion animation for some of us, and professional because of the amount of efforts we put into it. It was a tedious but enjoyable piece of work. πŸ™‚

20130123_152014smallestWe had not expected to do a sequel, but we followed up in February this year with a Chinese New Year greeting animation. While we had some minor technical issues to resolve, it was definitely much easier as we had the stop-motion animation guru Jannah to be directly involved in the animation process! This time round, we became more experienced and we managed to cut short the amount of time we put into the project.

Checking out the progress

The fun continued in August when we decided to give it another shot with a Hari Raya Puasa greeting animation, and we had a team expansion. With Danny joining us, it also gave me the extra time to take more “behind the scene” photos!

Click on the blog post link above and check out all those pictures of the process behind a short 42-sec stop-motion animation! Behind every movement of our “festive kueh cast”, there was a an important food handler! πŸ˜›

It was an initial uncertainty whether we would still continue with a Deepavali greeting animation, but amazingly we managed to pull it off within such a short time frame and amidst everybody’s tightness in schedule. The production and advisory team had also grown to a big team of seven, thanks to Jannah for her promotional efforts!

It was a lively team and there were plenty of ideas. The animation process was full of laughter and it was very fun getting the props ready as well. Amidst the fun, we also had to make reality checks on our animation and learn to manage the ideas. After some checks and double-checks, we pulled through with a final product. πŸ™‚

Here is the results of our hard work!

A stop-motion animation might be shorter than a minute long, and the time and effort behind it would definitely be much more. Yet, it allows you to stretch your creativity and the end result will definitely be worth it.

Keen to learn more about animation? Do watch out for the entries of this year’s Scinemation competition!


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  1. Danny says:

    Catchy Deepaveli song! deep deep deep deep deep deep deepaveli!!!

  2. Sanjali says:

    Sound like a lot of fun to me! The end results are very nice!!! πŸ˜€

    1. Kiat Teng says:

      Thanks Sanjali for the compliment. It was indeed both fun and hard work. We have to find an opportunity for you to try it out too! πŸ™‚

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