Is it a Black Rustic?

My house seems to be a magnet for insects. Beetles, praying mantises, moths, dragonflies. This is on top of the usual ones that you might find.

The latest was a black moth sighted on a pipe on the night of 22 January. It might look a bit like a cockroach from far because of the size, colour and shape. I was startled initially by its presence but was thankful immediately that it had remained still (until I attempted to close the windows and disturbed it a bit). It reacted by darting around the small confined room it was in but soon settled near the ceiling light and hover around it.

I was not surprised to still find it in the same small room the next day morning. As it flew to a lower height, I was able to take a close-up shot of it. Here is the picture I took of it. A sighting has also been posted on iSpied, an online Field Guide that allows you to search and identify what you have spotted.

After doing some research online, I thought this moth looks similar to the Black Rustic (see this picture here), even though I couldn’t really be sure as the Black Rustic seems to be a European moth. What do you think?

Close-up shot of black moth
Close-up shot of black moth

2 responses to Is it a Black Rustic?

  1. Mei Bao says:

    Can’t say for sure, but it sure looks very similar to the Black Rustic as you mentioned… could be brought in from overseas, an “illegal immigrant” haha!


  2. Kiat Teng says:

    Haha…illegal immigrant? Wow, I hope it can survive then…. such different climate!


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