Walking up and down the stairs instead of taking the lift is good exercise, and I am a frequent user of the staircase at the Science Centre.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I discovered that one of the tiles on those very stairs had a fossil fish embedded that I had never noticed before!

Fossil fish in SCS staircase
Fossil fish in SCS staircase

Judging from the position of the mouth, nostril, eye and especially the the gill slits, this seems to be some sort of ancient blunt-nosed shark, complete with pectoral fins and tail fin. Only the dorsal fin seems missing.

How could I have missed that for so long? I obviously have to pay more attention when I walk up and down the stairs…

Update 20 Feb: The fish has disappeared. It seems, that ‘fossil’ was just a mud stain left by one of the many kids returning from their visit to the Ecogarden… ; )

Posted by:Andy Giger

Andy is the Science Centre Singapore's Director of Strategy. He is a Neuroscientist who started out studying how Tunisian desert ants navigate, then tamed honey bees to find out more about their visual system, and moved on to counting cockroaches, feeding termites and attracting mosquitoes. Now he deals more with people, and enjoys being in touch with science on a much broader basis.

One thought on “Fossil fish discovered in SCS staircase

  1. You had me there for a moment Andy! Nonetheless, a most interesting sharing! Taking the stairs might not be such a bad idea… Even without ‘fossil stains’, I’ll get some exercise at the very least! :p~


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