It has come to the time of the year again. Earth Hour is happening around the world today and the interesting Climate Change Show I watched at Object Theatre, Climate Change Exhibition, Science Centre Singapore three weeks ago timely reminded me of it.


The Climate Change Show (a production of Science North) is an interesting show starring Sheepy and his friends (See photo below). In the show, they explore climate change issues and possible solutions in a fun and humourous way. Through the show, you will be prompted to think about your lifestyle and the impact it can cause upon our planet Earth. Are we using and producing more energy than necessary? How does the increase in the use of fossil fuels affect our climate change? How did this climate change impact the different people around the world?

If you are intending to check out the exhibition and the show, please take note that this exhibition will be closed from 14 Apr 2014 (Monday) in preparation for new content and upgrading works. The daily show times are 1.00pm, 2.30pm and 3.30pm and each show lasts 19 minutes.

Go check out the exhibition and the show before the exhibition closes for renovation. Be prepared to be surprised by some sensations beyond the visuals!

Posted by:Goh Kiat Teng

Kiat Teng is a staff of the Science Centre Singapore, Business Development Department. She believes in living life to the fullest, and always look forward to learning new things and gaining new experiences.

2 replies on “Sheepy and friends @ The Climate Change Show

  1. This is definitely one of my favourite shows at the Science Centre! The issues touched in this issue are so topical (given our recent dry spell) and will become more tangible for us once world and local climates start significantly impacting not just the cost but also supply of food and fresh water.


    1. Indeed, Danny! Climate change is a very relevant topic to every one who call Earth home. It’ll be great if everybody can start taking greater ownership and responsibility in the way we treat it.


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