Exciting time with the Singapore Science Festival!

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XperimentIt is the time of the year again, where we celebrate the Singapore Science Festival!

In two weeks’ time, the Festival will open with a blast at X-periment!, a three-day science carnival which celebrates the latest developments and research work in the field of science and technology. Universities, research institutions, and companies will demonstrate some of their innovations to the general public.

There will also be performances by internationally renowned science entertainer “The Dancing Scientist” Jeffrey Vinokur from the US as well as interactive, hands-on experiments for both kids and families at the booths manned by local researchers and scientists.

Paul Wilkinson Photography Ltd.Another highlight of the Singapore Science Festival would be the STAR Lecture. A*STAR and Science Centre Singapore will bring you the world famous Royal Institution (RI) Christmas Lectures from the United Kingdom, drawn from a proud English tradition of scientific learning since 1825. This lecture will bring Singapore youths on a journey of inquiry, innovation and scientific learning beyond the classroom. This year’s show titled “Life Fantastic” by Dr Alison Woollard from the University of Oxford and original presenter of the UK Christmas Lectures, will explore the frontiers of developmental biology and uncover the remarkable transformation of a single cell into a complex organism.

RhysThomasKnivesOther exciting events include the Rhys Thomas’ Science Circus, Festival of Biodiversity,  Genefest, Young Scientist Presents: Science Ahoy!, Singapore Mini Maker Faire, Science Buskers Festival and Sex Cells, a science musical! It’s a bucketful of activities this July and do not forget to book yourself in advance.

To find out more about the full range of activities under the Singapore Science Festival, check out the website here.

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