The future body: An exhibit in the Science Centre Singapore

While walking along the rows of exhibits in the Science Centre Singapore, my gaze fell upon a small, interesting exhibit called the Future Body. Intrigued, I took a few steps closer and I started reading the description of it (on the info panel) and I watched the accompanying short video. The exhibit delved into the futuristic, consequential possibilities when machinery and the human body will go hand-in-hand.

Image of the Exhibit: The Future Body
The Future Body Exhibit

When one explores the entire video, they see the different areas and ways where mechanics interlink with each organ inside the human body to enhance its functions and performances. After seeing those slightly surreal but very impressive images of the possibilities left to be shaped by future scientists, I was even more surprised to read further on that some of these ‘enhancements’ to the human body have been already implemented!

For instance, in the cases of people with amputated limbs or those who have lost partial or complete function of certain body parts, machinery was fine-tuned to recover partial, and in some cases, even complete function and feeling. As alluded in the info panel:“Researchers are experimenting with interfaces to allow devices such as computers prosthetic arms and robots to be controlled by brain or muscle signals from your forehead or even arm or leg muscles”. We might not be so far off from fusing technology and biology after all!

Go check out the New You zone in the Uniquely You exhibit located in Hall A at the Science Centre Singapore to find out more and do share with us your thoughts and impressions in the Comments’ Section below!

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  1. Kiat Teng says:

    I am reminded of the movie “RoboCop”!

  2. Sanjali Jain says:

    Yes, it is pretty much the same idea minus the mind control element they add in that movie! This exhibit showcases a much more positive and optimistic vision which is already coming true! 🙂

  3. Danny says:

    Interesting! Thanks for sharing this Sanjali!

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