Nature’s Call!

Fifty-four of us answered Nature’s Call, taking to MacRitchie in the not-so early morning hours of Saturday, 27 Sep 2014!

It was welcome respite from our concrete jungle and a much anticipated adventure, which was fully subscribed within 24 hours of its communication to public! The MacRitchie Trail formed the second and final part of Nature Calls! which kicked off only a week before at Science Centre, where we launched our new guidebook (A Guide to Native Palms of Singapore) and iSpied iPhone app on 20 Sep 2014.

Led by the native palm guidebook’s authors – Adrian Loo (Gardens by the Bay) and Ang Wee Foong (NParks), the 2-hour trek along Chemperai Trail (along the boardwalk) and Lornie Trail was eye-opening to say the least and certainly replete with finger-pointing (at wildlife of course!). If there was one group that was especially charged up, it had to be the kids! Their energy was unrivalled and their enthusiasm – contagious, as we trudged along the uneven terrain with plenty of pleasant interruptions whenever Adrian and Wee Foong stopped to draw our attention to the sights and sounds of wildlife.

SONY DSCIt was only when a hush descended on the group (at Adrian’s prompt) that we realised just how abuzz with life the forest was! The call-outs of the cicadas and hill mynas suddenly became resounding and we were for that moment in time, transfixed at nature’s calls.  What impressed me particularly was that amongst all the biodiversity, everything was in its place. Not a single native or exotic palm looked like it didn’t belong. And the same could be said of the wandering denizens we had sighted – including the monitor lizard and macaques!

Whilst we stuck to the beaten track, it was still a great experience! The cool of the lush outdoors, the rush of our senses coming alive, a bento set meal fit for a king, and the fanning into flame – a spirit of adventure, is what made Saturday memorable, beckoning many to ask us: “When’s the next trail?”  The answer to that no one really knows, but I for one hope it’s sooner than later!

This is Danny, signing off from the cool of my workspace at Science Centre Singapore – wishing all of you a terrific week and a great adventure! If you’re like me and have been hanging around the concrete jungle for too long, it’s time to get out there and answer Nature’s Call! 🙂

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  1. Kiat Teng says:

    Thanks for the record of the trail. It was an enjoyable walk and I’m looking forward to return again soon!

    1. Danny says:

      You’re welcome! We really should getaway to the great outdoors more often!

  2. Sanjali says:

    Reading your post, I almost felt like I was there on the trail with all you and I can clearly see in my mind’s eye, the parts where I was present!

    I’d also like to go for the entire trail next time!

    1. Danny says:

      Cheers Sanjali! I’m sure there’ll be opportunities in the future to walk the trail! You can check out this link sourced by Kiat Teng:

      1. Sanjali says:

        Alright, will do, thanks!

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