Dominic? That’s right. Dominic Fonde to be exact! The Brit’s in da house! In town actually. For a limited time only. While the exhibition lasts. “What exhibition?” you ask. I’ll come to that in a minute…

It was great to see Dominic – my glass blowing, drill engraving artiste of a friend who has been curating glass-based exhibitions on an international level. Only in April this year, he had collaborated with three people from Japan who lent their skills for an exhibition titled – ’10 Nights of Dream’. That exhibition was held at the Japan Creative Centre and was most impressive! I hadn’t seen such a sublime piece of glass work in all my life. It was totally rad. Unreal.

From left: Jackson, Danny (me) and Dominic
From left: Jackson, Danny (me) and Dominic

On this occasion, my colleague – Jackson and I visited the Artistry only last week (2 Oct) to suss out a joint bird-inspired exhibition by Alison Wilson and Dominic Fonde, called Syrinx.

This one was typical of Dominic’s craftsmanship – predictably stunning in depth and detail. Some of the works were of Alison’s genius including birds local to Singapore like the Koel and Kingfisher which freely inhabit our Ecogarden at Science Centre Singapore!

The printmaking, drawing and engravings left Jackson and I in wonderment.Why call it Syrinx? Well, that word describes the vocal apparatus of a bird. And for the two Brits who met while living and working in Singapore, the exhibition inspired from a shared interest in birds, hopes “to explore the beauty of them and birdsong, and highlight what might be lost if they were not protected”.

13It was especially pleasing to hear from Dominic at the first connect on the night, that he recognised us from Science Centre Singapore, and was keen to contribute to our upcoming issue of the Singapore Scientist magazine (which he regularly writes for and aspires to continue doing so even after relocating to Japan) which is themed on the brain!

I’ll leave you with some images that Jackson and I had taken of the exhibition. You really should experience it too. It’s now on and will continue to feature at the Artistry from 30 Sep to 2 Nov (extended date!). Artistic in every way and layered in meaning, Syrinx will take you on that flight of fancy if you but just believe.

Dominic Fonde is a glass blower and writer with work in both public and private collections. His work is influenced by his observations of the everyday world, nature, music, and the physical process of glass making and the other media he uses. His work frequently integrates artistic forms developed in glass with the written and spoken word. Building on his formal art training and practical experience as a glassblower, the auditory aspects of his work are influenced by a keen interest in music (he plays guitar and mandolin). Dominic is a published member of the British Haiku Society, bringing a fresh approach to this form in his writing, which additionally manifests itself in science fiction and fantasy. His empathetic approach to his subjects, combined with an ability to meet technical challenges in his imaginative, multi-media creations, helps explain his growing popularity and the range of exhibitions, commissions and performances to his credit.

Posted by:Thomas Danny Jeyaseelan

I've been working for over 7 years at Science Centre Singapore... a place I've come to call "home" where science befriends and transforms me day by day! I love communications and this blog has given me a terrific opportunity to express myself in writing. I continually aspire to engage the community through my contributions. And would love to hear back from readers like you if you have something interesting to share (please leave a comment!). That would really encourage me! Am also looking forward to hitting the centennial mark with 100 posts. Am nearly 70% there. ;) I hope you have a great online experience on Stir-fried Science, enjoy all science has to offer, and be inspired to make or be the difference you wish to see in the communities you find yourself in.

8 replies on “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s …

  1. Wow, thanks for sharing about this exhibition, Danny. It sounds interesting how the exhibition includes glass pieces, prints and drawings. I’ll love to take a look at them if I have the chance!


    1. Hi Kiat Teng! yes you should if u can spare an hour over the weekend. The exhibition area is quite compact but it packs artistic depth… it’s just a short walk from Bugis MRT! Address of Artistry: 17 Jalan Pinang, 199149

      Let us know what you think of it if you do visit Artistry over the weekend. Cheers!


  2. Yup, the exhibit is very mind blowing! Very detailed artworks and glass etchings on display! Dominic is also a very talented, nice and down-to-earth guy. I enjoyed the trip!


  3. Sounds like a great way to relax and enjoy some great art! Will definitely try to catch it before the exhibition ends! Thanks for sharing Danny!


    1. Good on ya Sanjali! And might I add, it goes down really well with wine and crackers. Artistry interestingly enough has a counter to order drinks and some finger food and do just that! : )


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