1-on-1 with a Cardboard Extraordinaire!

Three’s a party with this crowd! from left to right: Leslie, me and Bart Ting

Here’s snippets of my exclusive with cardboard sculptor – Bart Ting whom I met at Science Centre Singapore straight after his media interview only last Wed!

Me: “Your installations all look massively impressive. Have you produced any miniatures?”
Bart: “Yea! I designed a 23-cm F1 car, made from 2 pieces of A4 cardboard. It was reproduced in quantities of 22,000 and distributed as door gifts to schools that signed up for the F1 night race!

Me: “Whoa! That’s bodaciously awesome!”
Bart: “Two life-sized cardboard F1 car models were also showcased at the GoKart arena in the lead-up to the F1 Race!”

Me: (speechless, blinking in awe) (After collecting my breath and realigning my floored jaw…) “Who’s your inspiration?”
Bart: “Frank Gehry. He’s a famous architect who designed the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao [among a dizzying array of other notable achievements!]. He used aerospace software to build that museum. I was so wowed by it I actually flew there to visit the museum!”

Me: “Tell me about your family…”
Bart: “I wasn’t expecting that!”

Me: “Neither was I! So tell me…”
Bart: “We’re a family of 6. My mum and dad are based in Malaysia and I’ve been in Singapore for the last 15 years since my NUS days in 1998. My eldest brother who is also based here, sometimes joins me in my cardboard outreach!”

Bart: “So tell me Danny, what do you think when you see my installations?”
Me: “This interview is full of surprises!”

Bart: (getting all diplomatic) “Oh, I’d really like to find out what people first think when they see them.”
Me: “Well, what came to mind when I first noticed the cardboard Tyrannosaurus. rex at Science Centre’s main entrance was just how huge it was! And its red eyes were pretty captivating! I also liked its chiselled and defined form, and especially its serrated teeth! That’s like the biggest stitched T. rex I’ve ever seen!”

Bart: “Interesting! What do you reckon will be the future?”
Me: (Is he fishing for business ideas or is this just random quirkiness?) “Well, I think we can expect lights, coloured cardboard designs, perhaps a fusion of different types of materials, and animatronics to animate the installation!”

Bart: “Interesting!”
Me: “Well yea! Moving forward to the upcoming Maritime Robot X Challenge, you’ll be facilitating a number of cardboard assembly workshops! What can people expect to build at these workshops?”

Bart: “Tanks, robots, sports cars, giant monsters… I’m sure the public will surprise me!”

Join Bart Ting and other extraordinaires at the upcoming Tinkering Gallery in the Maritime Robot X Challenge from 24-26 Oct. There’ll be a host of interesting workshops on scrap metal art, recycled materials cardboard architecture and sculpting and activities inspired from the famed Tinkering Studio at Exploratorium. Click here for more details!

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  1. Kiat Teng says:

    Hey Danny, that’s another nice post! I enjoyed the light-hearted read and laughed quite a number of times in front of my laptop.

    By the way, I think several others shared your projected future for cardboard art. Check out this seriously modified version of Bart’s work at this year’s Singapore Mini Maker Faire!


    1. Sanjali says:

      Just clicked on your link! Thanks for sharing! 😀 That’s some serious make-over! 😉

  2. Sanjali says:

    I agree with Kiat Teng, this is indeed a great read! I also laughed at several moments 😀

    Can’t wait to read both of your next posts on the Maritime Robot X Challenge !

    1. Danny says:

      Thanks Sanjali!

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