Tsunamis 101

Missed the Living with Risk Exhibition at the Science Centre? Curious about Tsunamis? Or do you simply want to find out a bit more about Nature’s Electrifying Phenomenons?

Here’s some vital info that may well help you survive a tsunami, should you ever face one!

Painting depicting the destruction caused by a Tsunami
Painting depicting the destruction caused by a Tsunami

First of all, WHAT is a TSUNAMI? A series of ocean waves that, when they crash on land, leave a path of destruction in their wake.

What SIZE can a Tsunami reach? To give you a rough idea, some waves surpass 30 metres in height on land!

How FAST can a Tsunami travel? A tsunami can cross the sea at a speed of upto 805km/hr! That’s as fast a jet airplane!!

How to RECOGNISE the approach of a Tsunami? When a tsunami is approaching land, it causes a very sudden retreat of all coastal water towards the see and exposes the harbor and sea floors. This is the warning signal of an approaching tsunami.

In the case of a tsunami…

DO try to find high ground (as high as possible over the sea level) and alert as many people as you can.

But DON’T go back after you feel the tsunami wave retreat, more waves will follow the first and it’ll be the last thing you ever do.

Still craving to know more? Check out this Tsunamis and Earthquakes’ Alert Page


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  1. Danny says:

    Interesting piece Sanjali! there’s a piece in one of the more recent past issues of the Singapore Scientist where we feature creatures with ‘seismic feelers’ – that are hyper sensitive to ground vibrations – supposedly enabling many of them to pick up imminent dangers from tsunamis way before they are visually spotted coming to shore.

    1. Sanjali says:

      Wow, there are some pretty strangely cool creatures out there!

      Will definitely look for that article and read it in my spare time!

  2. Kiat Teng says:

    Thanks for sharing, Sanjali. I think regional alert page is useful!

    The Singapore Civil Defence Force also has some useful information on what to do in face of Tsunamis and Earthquakes.

    Tsunami – http://www.scdf.gov.sg/content/scdf_internet/en/community-and-volunteers/publications/_jcr_content/par/imagelink_25/imagebg/file

    Earth Tremor – http://www.scdf.gov.sg/content/dam/scdf_inter/community_vol/EarthTremor.jpg

    Check them out too!

  3. Sanjali says:

    Nice, thanks for sharing Kiat Teng!

    Now anyone who comes across this post should have a pretty good idea what tsunamis are and how to be prepared for them in Singapore

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