Christmas + Science =?

Santa’s Toy Factory- A one-of-a-kind Christmas experience

At the Science Centre we believe in making science relatable and fun no matter what we do, and the Christmas season is no exception. But wait a minute…what do Christmas and Science have in common? The growth of mistletoe? Hmmm…

1The words Christmas and Science look odd in the same sentence. But the two seemingly incompatible concepts are brilliantly merged together in this all-new Christmas production at the Science Centre.

In the process of creating seven billion toys for Santa’s Christmas sack, the elves combine science with side-splitting laughter and fun as they perform a variety of experiments which showcase relevant and relatable real-life applications of scientific concepts.

How differently does a solid object react to cold temperatures compared to an air-filled object…and what causes them to explode? What does air pressure have to do with blowing a gigantic balloon? 


Check out the live demonstrations of how temperature, pressure, chemical structure and physical properties affect various objects like balloons, rubber duckies, and even diapers!

The elves bring you science in a nutshell as they scramble to put the toys together and entertain you with electrifying experiments. It’s Christmas with lots of science and dazzle added in to give you an explosive experience. We guarantee that you will laugh. And laugh. And laugh.


To immerse yourself in a science-tastic Christmas experience, come down to the Science Centre this Christmas to catch the show, which screens only from 18-25 December! Tickets at only $2/pax. For show timings, please click here.

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Tabitha Gan is undergoing internship at the Science Centre Singapore (SCS) in December 2014. She has written this blog post during her internship at SCS.

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