by Tara Venkatesan

TarapictureHi! I’m Tara, a freshman at Yale University, and I get to learn and study one of the coolest things in the world – my brain! You have probably all heard things like you only use 10% of your brain, or if you’re a left-brain thinker, you’re logical but if you’re a right-brain thinker, you’re creative. But what if I told you that none of this is true?

Our brains are a lot more complex than we think they are; which is what makes them so difficult to study. For example, when we see an optical illusion, we don’t think about the processes that underlie our ability to observe the illusion because it happens automatically. Try it yourself! Look at the image below. Do the circles look like they’re moving?

Anomalous motion illusionYou think they’re moving? Look again. None of them are actually moving. No matter how many times you remind yourself that there is no movement, you will still see motion. Why does this happen? And why would do our brains see things that aren’t there?

Join us during the Brain Awareness Week at the Science Centre Singapore. Together, we’ll explore topics such as: illusions in the mind, why we make bad decisions, and what makes us, humans, unique.

Come if you want to:

a.)    see awesome illusions

b.)    do mind-bending puzzles

c.)     watch videos of cute animals

d.)    all of the above and much more!

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