Masters of Innovation

Hey there!

Lately, my Marketing colleague – Jyotika has been sharing some amazing ads that belie human ingenuity and innovation.

I thought I’ll share them with you because they segue quite nicely from my last post which was centered on a neat Innovation Challenge.

Simply Sand-tacular 

A little girl’s wish came true as a team of 11 Hyundai cars crafted ‘the largest track tire image’ (5.5km2) on the Delamar Dry Lake in the Nevada Desert. Inspired by Stephanie’s love for her father who works as an astronaut in the International Space Station.

Unreal hey? Here’s the Satellite Coordinates!
Latitude : 37° 19′ 14.2″ N
Longitude : 114° 57′ 00.3″ W

The next one’s interesting too and definitely a lot more ‘down to earth’…

Hair-Raising Humanity

Swedish pharmacy – Apotek Hjärtat teamed up with Clear Channel to produce a commercial that simply blows you away in Stockholm’s subway. Inspired, the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation  put a fresh spin on it with a hair-raising campaign of their own!

Advertising certainly brings out the mastery of human innovation. 🙂

What innovative ads have wowed you of recent?

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