Reflections after Earth Day 2015

EarthEvery year, I will write about Earth Day, my reflections and review my record book.

Just a few nights ago, into the last 5 mins of Earth Day this year, I saw a Facebook post by Agatha (Green Issues by Agy), one of our active makers of Maker Faire Singapore.

She said, “Let’s make every day Earth Day #Earthday”.

So true, I thought. I always believe that we should do our part everyday to make Earth a more sustainable home, rather than just celebrating a hype. What matters are our daily cumulative actions. Thank you Agatha for the reminder and a timely spark for some midnight reflections.

Let’s make every day Earth Day

Incidentally, Agatha will also be sharing some ways to go green in our last issue of the Singapore Scientist Magazine, coming out in May! Watch out for her article!

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