It was my first ASPAC Conference as a delegate although I was part of the working team in ASPAC 2012 Conference held at Science Centre Singapore. Both were exciting and fun in different ways. This year, I was given the opportunity to share about our blog “Stir-fried Science” and our Science Spy magazine at the parallel sessions “Power of Words” championed by Ms Maribel Garcia from The Mind Museum.

Ms Maribel Garcia, The Mind Museum, and Champion for “Power of Words” Parallel Session at ASPAC 2015 Conference

Together with me were Erin (The Mind Museum), Azura (Petrosains) and Aki (Miraikan).


During my sharing, I also explored the possibility of collaborations between Science Centres in terms of communications content, particularly for blogs and publications. I had included a mini collaborative blog post exercise, inviting all participants to pen down their thoughts and inspirations at the conference as of that moment (Day 2). The result was great as everyone shared their thoughts both about the conference, our wonderful host organisation and also positive responses about possible collaborations in terms of communications. I was exhilarated!



Thoughts and Inspirations

“This ASPAC Manila Camp/ Conference has been an inspiring journey, and hang out. Receiving Dr Zahi Hawass’ autographed book on King Tut is the most rewarding! Thank you TMM!!” – Ho Chiew Peng, Kingsmen Exhibits P/L

“Thank you for sharing. Love your idea – A regional sharing of events and happenings at our respective Science Centres” – Azura, Petrosains (Malaysia)

“There is still NOTHING that can compare with face-to-face collaborations of the common role we all do in Science Museums. Hurray for ASPAC!” – Anonymous

“I see the togetherness within ASPAC. Even though there are a lot of differences, e.g. language, culture etc, we are all moving towards a common goal” – Saiful Bahri Baharom, Petrosains (Malaysia)

“The conference has been a labour of love for The Mind Museum team and it’s been really enjoyable so far. It is very inspiring to meet different people, hear their stories, and learn from them, such that we can use these in our museum.” – Erin Mercado, The Mind Museum (The Philippines)

“ASPAC 2015 started with an intense vibrancy and a cohesive drive for co-operation between all participants (campers). Un-nerving at first, but soon became celebratory. ASPAC 2015 has created a great environment for renewal of old friendships and discovering amazing new ones. It is a small (wonderful) world.” – Tim Large, Hypsos-Radius Asia

“Mind Museum staff and volunteers have been fantastic. Manila is so fortunate!” – Tim Large, Hypsos-Radius Asia

“Congratulations The Mind Museum for a very creative, fun and exciting ASPAC science camp.” – Mark Victor Baustista, MVCB Industrial Design

“I would like to share and educate my readers not on what they can do to help others. But they should be careful on how they will do it because it can make or break.” – Anonymous

“I belong to science communicators support section. I want to know how science communicators in other museums do activities. And I want to make networks among the science communicators!” – Rie Jingu, Miraikan (Japan)

All in all, we were excited and energised at the possibilities after the conference. At the end of my sharing, I requested for some further feedback on collaboration ideas. As promised during the session, I am sharing them here for continued inspiration.


Collaboration ideas

“We can give articles but in Japanese language only” – Aki, Miraikan (Japan)

 “1. Competitions/ Contest.

  2. Scientist Exchange Programme between Science Centres” – Anonymous

“Exchange of write-ups on one theme or subject with different perspective from different countries” – Azura, Petrosains (Malaysia)

“Mind Museum’s blog can also collaborate with Science Centre Singapore’s blog (share content, contribute articles)” – Erin Mercado, The Mind Museum (The Philippines)

Looks like we will be able to bring you some exciting content from the Asia-Pacific region soon, maybe in the form of a blog train! If you were not in the “Power of Words” track during the Conference, nor even at the ASPAC 2015 Conference itself, but you are inspired from our thoughts during this discussion, feel free to shout it out here or email me at!

Note: To see earlier photo blog on the Conference, please click here.

Posted by:Goh Kiat Teng

Kiat Teng is a staff of the Science Centre Singapore, Business Development Department. She believes in living life to the fullest, and always look forward to learning new things and gaining new experiences.

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