Learning about the human digestive system the fun way

Written by A/Prof Lim Tit Meng, Chief Executive, Science Centre Singapore

During a workshop for teachers on ‘How to make your class alive where students really learn’ in Jakarta on 9 May 2015, I introduced a classroom activity for students to learn about the human digestive system.  Often students learn from textbook the anatomy of the system from two-dimensional drawings or by colourful charts.  The learning can be very much enhanced when students are asked to sketch the various components of the digestive anatomy into the actual special relationship in their own body.  The fun is in using the actual human body as a model and students become very engaged through the process.

After each drawing is done, students can show-and-tell about their ‘anatomy’ to the class and get everyone to observe what was good or bad about each presentation.  The learning may surface misconception, while strengthening the understanding of structure and function of the different organs of the digestive system.

show and tell
Show and tell session to derive learning outcome

Judging from the enthusiasm of the teacher participants, I am quite sure this teaching method can be used in every classroom everywhere because the human anatomy is the same regardless of race, language or religion.

Note: This Workshop was part of the STEAM Education Conference by The Ganesha83 ITB Foundation. The conference was held at the Office of the Ministry of Education and Culture in Jakarta on 9 May 2015.

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