Did you ever think of seeing those two words in the same sentence? Well at the Science Centre Singapore, we make the impossible come true.

Previously known as the Singapore Shell Youth Science Festival, STAGE the International Science Drama Competition (ISDC) aims to promote science through drama. It allows primary school students to combine scientific knowledge with a dramatic flair. This year it’s been jointly organised with the Science Beijing Network and it involves teams from China and Singapore. It is a great opportunity for students to showcase their talents and compete at an international level as well as instil interest in science in young minds.


The theme for 2015, “it’s all about lights” is aligned with the year 2015 being the International Year of Light. A total of 30 schools took part in the preliminary auditions for Singapore. Here are some of the stories that the schools performed for ISDC:

  • Punggol Primary School performed “Twilight, Why light?” – a fantastic show that cleverly narrates the dreams of vampirish bats which wish to know more about the Sun. The students explain why each spectrum of light is important.
  • CHIJ Our Lady of Good Counsel produced a show called ‘A Brief History of Light’, about how light plays an integral part in the evolution of mankind from as early as 1 000 000 BC. Enter school name here.
  • Jurong West Primary School performances ‘The Importance of Light’, in which to students suddenly meet a light fairy, who enlightens them on the importance of studying about light.
  • Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School produced ‘Light of Ages’, a show displaying how light is crucial for all life on the planet. And how it is used Today’s technology.
  • Raffles Girls’ Primary School’s ‘It’s all about Light!’ goes on a ‘wild goose chase’ designed by her grandma to find her birthday present.
  • River Valley Primary School’s ‘Saturday Light Live’ gives an entertaining and humourous performance of the old greek gods, where Venus questions the superiority of Apollo’s power of light versus Hermes’ power of inventions.
  • From China, the Handan No.17 middle school performed the story ‘How far is the Sun?’. Set in the olden days, two curious kids debate the distance of the Sun from Earth and illustrate the importance of scientific knowledge in our daily lives.

Come catch the finalists battle it out this ISDC 2015 on 30 May 2015! As there are limited seats, hurry and contact Praba (Praba_SAUNDARAJOO@science.edu.sg) to register.

As an extra treat, come down to the opening of the Singapore Science Festival (SSF) at Vivocity on 11 and 12 July 2015 to view a live performance of the top 3 winners of the ISDC 2015! For more information on SSF, click here.

Posted by:Sanjali Jain

Sanjali is an avid reader of all that stimulate curiosity. She loves to spread awareness on the offerings of Science Centre Group of Attractions, as well as all things science. Sanjali is the editorial manager for the collaboration on Science Spy from Science Centre Singapore.

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