Learning how plants ‘drink’ water— A classroom activity

Written by A/Prof Lim Tit Meng, Chief Executive, Science Centre Singapore

Another classroom activity I introduced to teachers on ‘How to make your class alive where students really learn’ in Jakarta on 9 May 2015 was about the vascular system in plants.  This activity was organised as a competition – how many straws can one use to drink water from a level as high as possible.  The straws were to simulate the xylem vessels in a tree, and the activity will make students wonder about the structure and function of the vascular systems in a plant and how water get transported from the ground to the top branches and leaves which may be very high above the ground.

The activity will raise many questions and stimulate enquiry or problem-based learning.  The Indonesian teacher participants were all out to top each other to be the most effective ‘water-drinking plant’.  They all had fun and I am sure they would bring the same excitement and energy to their classes when they return to their respective schools in different regions in their country.

Note: This Workshop was part of the STEAM Education Conference by The Ganesha83 ITB Foundation. The conference was held at the Office of the Ministry of Education and Culture in Jakarta on 9 May 2015. Another post was also shared on the workshop “How to make your class alive where students really learn”.



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