A Night among the Stars

Credit: Karen Chow

Imagine sitting on plush, red seats and being surrounded by the planets of our solar system! That’s what you can expect at the new Digital Planetarium, where you can watch the world unfold all around you. You can experience the world and beyond like never before.

Fact File: The Digital Planetarium

What to expect: Brighter and sharper images that will immerse you and make you feel like an astronaut in space!Astronaut

Location: The Omni-Theatre

Open from: June 2015

Show timings (leased and live shows): fridays & weekends Find out more about the shows here.

The Technology: Using five new 3D Christie Boxer projectors and the powerful Digistar software, stunningly bright, high-resolution images are projected on the 23-metre dome. Digistar – the story builder computer programme enables you to devise your own stories, where you can add, remove, or focus on one or more elements of the universe in high resolution! That is how you can observe the surface of the celestial objects.

I was able to attend the Media Preview for the re-opening of the Omni-Theatre last Monday and it was fantastic! Sitting in the dome-shaped theatre, we were given a taste of what we can expect in times to come.

Our friendly Science Educator, Yong, gave us a live show – we basically went on a trip all the way to Saturn, Jupiter and Mars from the comfort of our seats. It is an altogether new way of experiencing the universe – like stepping into your favorite video game and realising that you can see discover the fascinating mysteries of the universe.

After that, we were treated to yet another show! We watched the movie Back to the Moon For Good and that too was another amazing 40 min of fantastic images. This documentary was filmed in such a way that it made you travel and dream about the Moon, while explaining to you some of the great projects that are underway, such as the Google Lunar X Prize Competition. In this project, teams of scientists and engineers are trying to transport a robot into space, land it safely, move 500 meters on the Moon’s surface, and send back footage of the Moon to win the grand prize $20 million US dollars.

Now don’t you want to come down and take a look yourself at the revamped Omni-Theatre!?

Credit: Karen Chow


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  1. Kiat Teng says:

    Great blog post, Sanjali! And nice pics from Karen too! 🙂

  2. Danny says:

    Nice post Sanjali! Back to the Moon for Good is a really nice show!

  3. Sanjali says:

    Thanks Kiat Teng and Danny! I had a very fun time attending the preview and equally nice time writing this post! 🙂

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