What is it like to take part in a Science Drama competition?

It’s two days to the International Science Drama Competition (ISDC) 2015! Did you read the earlier post we share?

Let’s take a look at one of this year’s finalists, Punggol Primary School, which was also the winner of last year’s Singapore Shell Youth Science Festival (SSYSF) STAGE! (previous name of the ISDC).

In fact, Punggol Primary School has been a finalist in the SSYSF STAGE! competitions since 2011, receiving several accolades along the way and finally winning the competition for the first time last year. This year happened to mark their 5th year as part of the grand finals! Here are some photos from last year’s competition.

Performance by Punggol Primary School Drama Club at Singapore Shell Youth Science Festival (SSYSF) Stage! 2014
Group photo of the winning team in 2014 - Punggol Primary School
Group photo of the winning team in 2014 – Punggol Primary School

When we checked with Ms Priya, their Drama Club teacher in-charge, we learnt that the drama club is largely self-run, with herself as the scriptwriter and also director amongst other roles, and with teacher volunteers who help during the preparations leading up to performances and competitions. While keeping in line with the specific science theme or topic, she always try to imbue a value or message in all their performances, so that it also adds to the students’ character development. That’s great, isn’t it?

Ms Priya also made special mention of Nadine Marasigan, a student who have been receiving Best Performer Award since 2012, clinching a total of three Best Performer Awards so far! As Nadine is in Primary 6 this year, this will be her fourth and final year taking part in this science drama competition.

Nadine receiving her Best Performer Award
Nadine receiving her Best Performer Award

ISDC 2015 Finals will take place on this coming Saturday! We wish all the finalists all the best!

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